Wound Closure Techniques

Wound closure techniques have evolved from the earliest development of suturing materials to comprise resources that include synthetic sutures, absorbables, staples, tapes, and adhesive compounds.

The engineering of sutures in synthetic material along with standardization of traditional materials (eg, catgut, silk) has made for superior aesthetic results. Similarly, the creation of natural glues, surgical staples, and tapes to substitute for sutures has supplemented the armamentarium of wound closure techniques.

Aesthetic closure is based on knowledge of healing mechanisms and skin anatomy as well as on an appreciation of suture material and closure technique. Choosing the proper materials and wound closure technique ensures optimal healing.

This section provides field usable information regarding wound closure. Improvised techniqes include using commonly available glue as a suture and various materials to close the wound. Specific threads can be used to stitch wounds closed.

Ultimately, learn how to close wounds using a variety of techniques in disaster or emergency situations when traditional medical treatment is unavailable.