Make Firearm Silencers and Suppressors

A suppressor (popularly known as a firearm silencer, although no suppressor “silences” a firearm completely), is a device attached to a firearm to reduce the amount of noise and flash generated by firing the weapon.

It generally takes the form of a cylindrically-shaped metallic tube that is fitted onto the barrel of the firearm, with various internal mechanisms to reduce the sound of firing by manipulating the escaping propellant gas, and sometimes by reducing the velocity of the bullet.

These handbooks and plans cover the improvisation of homemade silencers. How to make homemade improvised silencers for a range of firearms including various handguns and rifles. Also covered is the implimentation of silencers and technical information.

Learn how to build effective homemade firearm silencers now. Complete plans for a variety of handguns and rifles.