Pistol & Rifle Marksmanship Training

A marksman should not be confused with a sniper. These pistol and rifle marksmanship training handbooks will teach you everything you need to know in order to become a specialised, efficient and accurate marksman.

Snipers operate individually and are deployed for specific objectives while the marksman operates as a regular member within a unit where his skills are called upon whenever the need for accurate firearms skills arise in the normal course of operations for the unit.

While snipers are intensively trained to master field craft and camouflage, these skills are not required for marksmen. There are differences in role and training that affect doctrines and equipment.

Snipers rely almost exclusively on more accurate but slower-firing bolt-action rifles while a marksman can effectively utilize a faster-firing, but less accurate semi-automatic rifle.

A sniper’s intensive training, forward placement and surveillance duties make the role more strategic than a squad-level marksman. Thus, marksmen are often attached at the squad level while snipers are often attached at higher levels such as battalion.

These marksmanship training handbooks cover firearm specific excercises as well as broader literature.