Map Reading & Navigation Techniques

Map reading and navigation are vital skills for wilderness survival, combat situations and movement through unfamiliar areas.

There are many different types of maps and charts which detail such things as distance, altitude, gradient, topography and much more. Acquiring a map for unknown territory is always first for survivalists and combatants.

Navigation is the process of reading, and controlling the movement of a craft or vehicle from one place to another. It is also the term of art used for the specialized knowledge used by navigators to perform navigation tasks.

The word navigate is derived from the Latin roots navis meaning “ship” and agere meaning “to move” or “to direct.” All navigational techniques involve locating the navigator’s position compared to known locations or patterns.

These handbooks specifically detail navigation techniques in the field. How to read maps, how to use radar, and other navigation tools to aid in the identification of ones location.

Using compasses, improvised techniques and common sense once can navigate successfully without the aid of high technology. That is the point of these selection of books.