How To Make Homemade Crossbows

A crossbow is a weapon consisting of a bow mounted on a stock that shoots projectiles. A mechanism in the stock holds the bow in its fully-drawn position, without human effort or intervention, until it is shot by releasing a trigger.

Commonly used for hunting deer and other game, crossbows propel their projectile at extremely high velocity in virtual silence. Hunting bows are capable of firing an arrow right through a living target, causing massive damage. Due to their simple concept, crossbows can easily be constructed at home with commonly available materials. Arrows can be easily constructed at home also.

Improvised homemade crossbows do not require propellants, complex firing mechanisms, nor do they require complicated ammunition. Due to this, a homemade crossbow would likely be the weapon of choice for any individual charged with a defensive role Рwhen firearms, or firarm ammunition are not  available.

These documents contain many different plans and blueprints for building a homemade improvised crossbow. You will learn how to make crossbows of varying power and complexity. Included are comprehensive details coving making you own arrows.