Knife Fighting Techniques, Tips & Guides

A knife fight or duel is a fight in which each combatant is armed with a knife. It is similar to a swordfight, except that knives are much shorter than swords, resulting in the combatants engaging at closer ranges.

There are many martial and military systems of knife fighting, which are usually distinguished by region and culture of origin. Proponents of knife fighting systems utilize sparring and drills to hone their skills. This practice is rooted in historical effectiveness where knife fights were more common.

Knife fighting is also emerging and quickly growing as a sport known as knife fencing where simulated knives are used to strike scoring zones for points.

The following knife fighting handbooks and how-to’s detail how to engage in a knife fight, disarm an attacker who is armed with a knife and various stances and methods of combat.

Covering many different angles and areas of this dangerous art, these handbooks provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of knife fighting.