Hand Grenades

These articles document how to make improvised homemade hand grenades, teach grenade counter-measures, attack strategy using grenades and much more.

Included is an interesting and controversial document entitled “The 5$ grenade” Providing information on building a low-cost, improvised grenade.

A hand grenade is a small hand-held bomb designed to be thrown. The word “grenade” is derived from the Old French (pome) grenate (“pomegranate”), in reference to the general size of early grenades, and because its shrapnel pellets reminded soldiers of the seeds of this fruit.

Grenadiers were originally soldiers who specialized in throwing grenades. Not all grenades are thrown by hand. Several types are fired from rifles or purpose-designed grenade launchers. For example, tear gas grenades used in riot control are fired from riot guns, and the M203 is a grenade launcher that can be fitted to several types of rifles.

Look no further for extreme information on hand grenades, how to make them, and how they are employed as part of combat strategy.