Fully Automatic Conversion

Full Auto Conversion is the practice of converting a semi-automatic firearm to fully automatic using one of many methods. These documents detail how to convert various firearms into full auto. Full schematics and blueprints.

It should be noted: In practically all parts of the developed world, converting a semi-auto firearm to full-auto is a criminal offense without the proper licensing, registration and training. Even then it is illegal in most countries.

It is beyond the scope of this category to disseminate information regarding the laws in your region. There are many misconceptions and regurgitated hearsay on the internet regarding the legality of such projects. Your best bet is to contact your local law enforcement/NRA/ATF/Gunsmith and ask them about the legal requirements before undertaking your project.

All legal loopholes taken care of, the conversion of any firearm to full auto will almost certainly void warranty, and incorrect conversion will likely increase the danger to the operator of the firearm.

None-the-less, the full-auto conversion of a firearm makes for interesting reading and research, and provides an excellent insight to the mechanical operation of the firearm in question. With the right machining tools, experience and legal authorization, these guides will assist you in your intended conversion.