Gun & Firearm Modification Guides

The majority of these documents describe and illustrate improvised firearm modifications that can be performed in any fairly well equipped home workshop.

Firearm modification is done in order to enhance performance or to facilitate hiding the weapon. Gun modification can include anything from a trigger job, to putting in a bull barrel to polishing up internal parts to make it run smoother.

Two of the most modified guns are the Ruger 10/22 and the AR-15. There are many, many different companies that manufacture after-market stocks, barrels, triggers, sights, and internal parts for these guns. There are companies that also make kits to convert a centerfire pistol to shoot rimfire .22LR, as .22 cartridges are far cheaper to practice on.

So you own a stock-standard firearm and your’re looking to adapt a different magazine, adjust the rate of fire or shorten the barrel? No matter what you’re trying to achieve, there’ll be a guide in here that can help.

Don’t try and perform gun modifications on your own! You’ll most likely end up ruining your weapon. Read these guides and plans below now!