Logistics & Engineering Operations

These Logistics and Engineering operations manuals are specially written for use in a military or survival context. Such topics as bridge building engineering, defense structures and underground construction are covered as well as moving cargo efficiently and effectively.

Engineering is the design, analysis, and/or construction of works for practical purposes. The Engineers’ Council for Professional Development, also known as ECPD, defines Engineering as: “The creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing processes, or works utilizing them singly or in combination; or to construct or operate the same with full cognizance of their design; or to forecast their behavior under specific operating conditions; all as respects an intended function, economics of operation and safety to life and property.”

The broad discipline of engineering encompasses a range of specialized sub disciplines that focus on the issues associated with developing a specific kind of product, or using a specific type of technology.

The engineering operations handbooks in this section suggest, explain and provide plans for many different constructions essential in combat, warfare and survival.