Concealable Weapons, Knives & Firearms

This section discusses how to make improvised concealable weapons including improvised knives, impact weapons and firearms. How to conceal traditional weapons.

Concealable weapons are weapons which can be carried inconspicuiously on ones self without any outward signs of carrying a weapon. Concealable weapons range hugely in their ability to be hidden on or in ones body or clothes.

Popular concealable weapons consist of metal, plastic and ceramic knives hidden in pens, keys, belt buckles, jewelry, canes and cigarette lighters, as well as impact weapons disguised as keychains and items hollowed out for the possible concealment of explosives.

Not to mention many firearms which are designed to be light and noninvasive enough to carry day in day out.

View pictures & diagrams of a vast array of concealable weapons in our publications below. Learn how to make a range of improvised concealable weapons.