Who We Are

Weaponscombat.com was founded early 2004 to cut out the crap and just deliver quality, extreme survival information.

I was sick of coming across half-truths, watered down information, simplified knowledge and ultimately, info i just couldn’t rely on. I started this website as an alternative to the bull – With the mission being to simply provide quality, tried and tested information from a simple to use website.

I set about researching, commissioning, collecting, assembling, converting, and presenting all sorts of information on the weaponscombat.test website. As our collection grew, so did the demand.

With every terrorist attack, violent crime or disaster more and more people are waking up to the reality of taking control of their survival. We provide exactly the knowledge required to do this. From simple overnight bush survival to the complete collapse of the system, our information outlays exactly what you need to do, and how to do it.

Medical, shelter, eating, defending, communicating, navigating, fixing, improvising… Build your own contingency plan based on our battle hardened info.

Did you know that many of our handbooks have, at some level, been employed by the US and other military for the purposes of training soldiers? Many more have been written by experts in their field.

Stop procrastinating and start planning! Join weaponscombat today.

Our MASSIVE faq will answer any questions you might have including how this site works and the finer details of our memberships. You can visit our FAQ HERE.

John S.