Make Ammunition & Homemade Ammo

If you’re looking for comprehensive information covering a large range of commercial, military and improvised ammunition, you’re in the right place!

The following publications explicitly detail such tasks as how to make homemade ammo, correct ammunition storage and handling, as well as many other ammunition related topics and skills.

The design of ammunition is determined by its purpose:

  • Anti-personnel shells contain shrapnel and are designed to explode in mid-air, so its fragments will spread over a large area.
  • Armor-piercing ammunition tends to be hard, sharp, and narrow, often with lubrication.
  • Incendiary projectiles include a material such as white phosphorus which burns fiercely.
  • Tracer ammunition emits light as it travels, allowing the gunner to see the path of bullets in flight while using a machine gun.

This section contains a huge range of information and diagrams concerning homemade ammunition and commercial ammunition for a number of weapons.

From blowgun darts to exploding shotgun ammunition to homemade tracer ammo, you will learn how a range of types of ammo for a number of applications are made. You will find diagrams of different types of bullets. Learn how ammunition is safely handled and transported from our official military manuals. Learn how to make homemade ammo and special improvised ammunition for a range of commercial and improvised weapons.

We have full plans and blueprints for homemade ammunition for shotguns, rifles, blowguns, zip guns and more.